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Updated: Tuesday September 27, 2022 1:31 pm
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BBC News
Nord Stream: Mystery leaks in Russia gas pipelines spark warnings
The Nord Stream undersea gas network to Europe has sustained "unprecedented" damage in recent days.

Ukraine war: Final day of discredited voting in Russian-held Ukraine
The self-styled referendums in east and south Ukraine are dismissed as a sham by Kyiv and the West.

Italian elections: Meloni gets to work on picking right-wing government
The leader of the far-right Brothers of Italy has kept out of sight since winning the election.

Shinzo Abe: A divided Japan bids farewell to its slain ex-PM
Protesters marched against a state funeral for Abe even as local and global leaders gathered to honour him.

Children removed from Jewish sect's jungle compound in Mexico
It follows a months-long surveillance operation against the extremist Lev Tahor group in Mexico.

Japan says Russia 'blindfolded and restrained' its consul in Vladivostok
Tokyo demands an apology after one its diplomats is accused of spying in Russia's Far East.

Ukraine war: Russia admits mobilisation errors, amid growing public opposition
Reports say people with no military experience, or who are too old or disabled, are being enlisted.

Magnus Carlsen and Hans Niemann: Chess champion accuses opponent of cheating
Magnus Carlsen claims Hans Niemann has "cheated more than he has publicly admitted", but offers no evidence.

Cuba and Florida brace for 'major disaster' hurricane
The category three storm brings wind speeds of up to 205km/h as it crosses the west of the island.

Gujarat: Cows let loose in India government buildings in protest
Gujarat charitable trusts set free thousands of cows to protest against the lack of government aid.

No good excuse for lack of women in tech - Apple boss
Apple chief executive tells the BBC the tech sector needs more women in order to thrive.

Time News
Slashdot News
  • Russia Plans 'Massive Cyberattacks' On Critical Infrastructure, Ukraine Warns

  • Netflix Is Building Its Own Game Studio

  • NASA's DART Spacecraft Hits Target Asteroid in First Planetary Defense Test

  • Experts Call For Trip To Venus Before Crewed Mission To Mars

  • Amtrak Aims For Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 2045

  • TikTok Inching Toward US Security Deal To Avoid Sale

  • A 20 Year Old Chipset Workaround Has Been Hurting Modern AMD Linux Systems

  • CNET News
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    Reuters News
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    MSNBC News
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    CNN News
    All along Florida's west coast, officials are urging residents to get out of harm's way instead of staying to protect their property
    Track Ian | Photos | Get email updates | Try our lite site

    Hurricane Ian: Projections show Tampa area could get first direct hit from a hurricane since 1921
    Rapidly intensifying Hurricane Ian made landfall in western Cuba early Tuesday morning while on its trek toward Florida, where residents in some coastal areas are already evacuating.

    Watch: See where Hurricane Ian is headed
    Hurricane Ian is slamming Cuba and plans strengthen and bring devastating storm surge, heavy rain and high winds to much of western Florida. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.

  • Ian's scale: More than 8 million people reside in the Hurricane Warning zone in West and Central Florida

  • Where things stand: Major Florida theme parks and cruise ships watch Ian's approach
    As Hurricane Ian made landfall in western Cuba early Tuesday morning, Floridians were keeping an anxious eye on the rapidly intensifying storm. That included the operators of Florida's popular theme parks.

    Checklist: What to do when a hurricane is coming
    This is not a drill.

    Congress again races to avoid shutdown as key vote at risk of failing
    • CBO says Biden's student loan cancellation plan could cost $400 billion • GOP leaders still strive to appease Trump's base on election denialism

    Man who recruited migrants for flights to Martha's Vineyard says he feels betrayed
    • Opinion: Governor DeSantis' actions should raise alarm bells

    Meta shuts down covert influence campaigns it says were run from China and Russia
    Facebook parent company Meta announced Tuesday it had detected and shut down two separate networks of fake accounts engaged in covert influence operations run from China and Russia.

    US Navy sends its most advanced surface warship to east Asia
    The US Navy's most advanced surface warship is showing its stealthy profile in the western Pacific on a mission that may set the stage for the eventual deployment of US hypersonic missiles to the region.


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