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Updated: Tuesday September 27, 2022 3:11 pm
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Top Entertainment Stories:
BBC News
Eurovision 2023: Glasgow or Liverpool will host song contest
The shortlist of seven possible UK host cities for next year's song contest is whittled down to two.

The Lost King: Steve Coogan defends Richard III film in university row
The University of Leicester is unhappy about how it is portrayed in new film The Lost King.

Zac Efron on playing Chickie Donohue, the man who delivered beer in a warzone
Apple TV's new film The Greatest Beer Run Ever follows an unusual true story from the Vietnam War.

Harry Styles' As It Was becomes longest-running US number one by a UK act
The hit song becomes the longest-running number one on the US singles chart by a British artist.

Rihanna to headline Super Bowl half-time show
The nine-time Grammy winner will headline February's event in Arizona, the NFL has announced.

Bad Bunny turns music video into Puerto Rico doco
The influential Puerto Rican rapper's latest music video lays bare the US island territory's problems.

RottenTomatoes News
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Wired News
You'll Need a Magnifying Glass to Find the iPhone 14's Upgrades
It's a great handset, but the improvements are so iterative that most of you will hardly notice what's new.

The Best Smart Speakers With Voice Assistants
Chatty assistants from Amazon, Apple, and Google are popular. But which one is right for you?

The Unlikely Cure for Burnout? A Second Job
“Overemployment” sounds like more of the same old grind, but its underlying philosophy is critical of work.

The Best Period Products
Aunt Flo doesn’t have to suck (that much). These menstrual cups, absorbent underwear, and reusable pads are ecofriendly and comfortable.

The Best Portable Coffee Makers
Whether you prefer an AeroPress or a French press, we’ve found the best ways to make a great cup of joe anywhere.

How to Advocate for Data Privacy and Users' Rights
Want to speak up against Big Tech, unjust data collection, and surveillance? Here's how to be an activist in your community and beyond.

Moreover News
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Reuters News
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MTV News
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RottenTomatoes Reviews
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Movie Reviews
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Gamespot News Briefs
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