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Updated: Monday June 17, 2019 3:59 am
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BBC News
Mental health: Media industry probes 'uncomfortable truth'
The Looking Glass study has been launched by the Film and Television Charity.

Spice Girls: Geri apologises for quitting in 1998
Ginger Spice says she regrets leaving the band at the height of their fame, as their reunion tour ends.

Italian film director Franco Zeffirelli dies at 96
He directed stars including Elizabeth Taylor and opera greats such as Maria Callas.

Toy Story 4: What did the critics think?
"The fourth movie wraps up the saga beautifully."

When They See Us: Central Park Five prosecutor resigns from college post
Elizabeth Lederer "decided not to seek reappointment as a lecturer" at Columbia Law School.

Edith González, Mexican 'telenovela' star, dies aged 54
Edith González, who spent decades in Mexican TV, film and theatre, had been diagnosed with cancer.

RottenTomatoes News
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Wired News
Justin Bieber's Challenge to Tom Cruise Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup
The pop star later claimed he was kidding—but he still inspired a lot of people with his, um, bravery.

Audi Recall, Shifting Alliances, and More Car News This Week
Audi issued a voluntary recall of its E-Tron SUV; self-driving tech startup Aurora broke up with VW and joined up with Fiat Chrysler.

Cosmologists Clash Over the Beginning of the Universe
What happened before the Big Bang? And what happened before that? Stephen Hawking's answer—there was no beginning—is now the subject of intense debate.

It's Time to Switch to a Privacy Browser
Ad trackers are out of control. Use a browser that reins them in.

Snow Peak’s Fire Pit Makes Me Like Camping Again
The simple, durable, and well-made fire pit helped me recalibrate my relationship to the outdoors.

In Praise of Dadfluencers
All those fathers out there posting about #dadlife on social media are changing the face of fatherhood.

Moreover News
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Reuters News
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MTV News
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