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Updated: Thursday October 17, 2019 7:15 pm
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BBC News
Why is Banksy vetting the customers of his online store?
Anyone hoping to buy official merchandise from his new online store has to answer a question.

Yungblud: A mouthpiece for the underrated youth
"We are not bratty kids fighting for attention. We understand what we want," says the pop star.

Lana Del Rey wins song of the decade at the Q Awards
Video Games is named the greatest track of the last 10 years by readers of the rock magazine.

Leonardo da Vinci feud: The 'earlier' Mona Lisa mystery
A London family is battling an international consortium over a potentially priceless painting.

Stormzy's Merky Books will publish Malorie Blackman's autobiography
The Noughts and Crosses author is already published by Penguin Random House, which runs Merky Books.

Zoe Kravitz follows Berry and Hathaway in playing Catwoman
How will Zoe Kravitz com-purr with the other actresses who have played Batman's feline adversary?

RottenTomatoes News
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Wired News
Showtime Is Making a Limited Series About Uber
Also, Zoë Kravitz is going to play Catwoman, and there's a new trailer for the final season of 'The Man in the High Castle'.

The Quest to Get Photos of the USSR's First Space Shuttle
French photographer Jonk snuck into Baikonur spaceport in Kazakhstan to capture images of the Buran shuttle.

The NFL's Helmet Tests Are Brainless
Opinion: Current testing on helmets ignores the kinds of impacts that cause most of the concussions. It’s time for football to wise up.

How Meme Culture Changed the PSAT
The College Board is trying to stop the proliferation of test-related memes with ... more memes.

The 9 Best Soundbars For Every Budget (2019)
Every TV deserves a soundbar to call its own, and these are some of the best from Vizio, Sonos, Yamaha, and more.

The Plan to Boost Drone Batteries With a Teensy Jet Engine
A Florida aviation startup wants to supplement electric power with its watermelon-sized “microturbine.”

Moreover News
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Reuters News
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MTV News
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RottenTomatoes Reviews
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Movie Reviews
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