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Game Accelerator is a highly-developed, intelligent program that will assess your PC�s hardware and operating environment and optimize it to provide a faster, more stable gaming experience. Run your games at best possible performance by eliminating the performance and stability problems that make your games run slower than their full potential. This program is a must for anyone who currently demands optimal performance while gaming! Easy one-click menu options allow you to tailor your games to run faster based on your system hardware. The combination of optimisation techniques used by Game Accelerator helps to improve your gaming experience significantly, turning your computer into the ultimate gaming machine!

Features include:

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  • Full support for all the latest hardware technologies, such as the latest CPUs and graphics cards
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  • Quick access to the game optimisation tools through the system tray icon
  • Slim system monitor taskbar
  • Frees up memory to create a stable gaming environment
  • Maximises frame rates and screen resolution
  • Easy configuration to suit your PC system
  • Access to online program updates with Game Accelerator
  • Integrated game-matching tool so you can join multiplayer games fast
  • Integrated game-orient web browser so you can get game-related content with ease

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  • Conan Unconquered AnnouncedFuncom and Petroglyph announce Conan Unconquered, a new strategy game set in Hyborian Age of Conan the Barbarian, coming in Q2 of next year. They provide a cinematic announcement trailer, and the...
  • John Romero Game Announcement TomorrowTomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the release of DOOM, as id Software's seminal first-person shooter first arrived on December 10, 1993. Now the Romero Games Website has word that DOOM designer...
  • Epic Games Store Building Ahead of Steam PC Gamer notes that the newly launched Epic Games Store may already be shaking up the online game distribution ecosystem (thanks MeanJim). Epic's cut from this is capped at 12%, while Valve takes...
  • The Walking Dead Episode 3 Next MonthA Walking Dead Tweet reveals a release date for Episode 3 of Telltale's The Walking Dead, which should probably be called Skybound's The Walking Dead following the demise of Telltale (thanks...
  • Steam Top 10Valve offers the following accounting of the bestselling titles on Steam for last week: Stellaris: MegaCorp Just Cause 4 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Artifact X4: Foundations Mutant Year Zero: Road...
  • On Sale Steam Daily Deal - Guacamelee! 2, 25% Off.
  • Sunday Consolidation Slack running on a Nintendo SNES. Thanks Ant.
  • Sunday Mobilization Google Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 Lite XL appear in new leak. Apple Watch’s ECG feature is already proving its worth. Working too hard can give you a heart attack-ack-ack-ack. You ought to know by now....
  • Sunday Metaverse Hulu Plans For Ad Breaks During Pausing. Pick your own commercial breaks. Thanks Ant.
  • Sunday Tech Bits Half of tech workers call their work environment 'toxic.' Thanks Slashdot via Ant.
  • Sunday Legal Briefs China Summons U.S. Envoy Over Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou. Prosecuting the Chinese Huawei executive is an idiotic way to hold China in check.
  • Game Reviews Stellaris: MegaCorp on PC Invasion. Underworld Ascendant on DSOGaming.
  • Hardware Reviews QNAP TS-963X NAS TweakTown.
  • etc. The Outer Worlds isn’t a Microsoft game, even though it’s buying Obsidian. Thanks NKD… CS:GO receives 14,000 negative Steam reviews in a single day after going free to play… Anthem...
  • Out of the BlueIt's gotten pretty darned cold around here lately. I'm too skinny to be comfortable in this weather, so I am already hoping for winter to end soon. Unfortunately, since it hasn't actually begun yet,...
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