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Updated: Thursday June 13, 2024 8:20 am
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Top Business and Economy Stories:
BBC Business
Musk says Tesla investors voting yes for pay deal
Tesla is due to make an official announcement on the result of the vote at a meeting on Thursday.

Airport bosses criticise sudden liquids U-turn
Airport bosses have criticised the lack of notice they were given for re-introducing 100ml liquids limits.

US Fed pencils in one interest rate cut this year
America's central bank scaled back forecasts for cuts in 2024 despite annual inflation easing.

US widens Russia sanctions in banking crackdown
The US broadens Russia sanctions, including a fresh crackdown on banks and tech.

UK economy fails to grow during wet April
The main political parties disagree about what the data suggests about longer-term economic health.

'We are creating new crops five-times faster'
How artificial intelligence is increasingly helping the arable farming sector.

EU threatens China EVs with tariffs of up to 38%
The decision comes as an investigation continues into what the EU calls China’s "unfair subsidisation".

DFS warning as Red Sea disruption hits deliveries
Cargo ships are having to take long detours to avoid the Suez Canal amid attacks by Houthi rebels.

Gaming giant Steam accused of ripping off 14m UK gamers
Legal claim alleges Steam's market dominance means consumers are paying too much for video games.

Payments taken twice from some Co-op bank accounts
The bank is trying to resolve the glitch after payments were debited twice from some business accounts.

SOSIG Business
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BBC Economy
The money struggles of voters in a Midlands marginal seat
Constituents in marginal seat Redditch on what matters to them as the general election looms.

Rare 1855 banknote could sell for £20k at auction
In its day the note was of such high value it had to be cut in half and posted in two separate pieces.

What is GDP and how does it affect me?
How the health of the economy is measured, and why the GDP calculation matters.

Reeves: Tory manifesto 'wish list of unfunded promises'
The shadow chancellor says the “money is not there” to fund Tory election plans, claiming mortgages would rise by £4,800.

Wales has UK worst economic inactivity rate - ONS
One in four in Wales is economically inactive, although jobless rate is better than the UK average.

Who are the millions of Britons not working?
The unemployment rate is relatively low historically, but millions aren't working.

Online retail firm moves into old Debenhams store
MandM direct is taking over two floors of the building and say its a chance to invest in Hereford.

Labour drops plan to reintroduce pension saving cap
The decision to not bring back the lifetime allowance comes after lobbying from senior NHS doctors.

US jobs surge casts doubt over interest rate cuts
US employers added 272,000 jobs in May which was far higher than economists expected.

Will the UK and US cut interest rates like Europe?
The move marks the beginning of a new phase for the global fight against inflation.

ComputerWorld Financial
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SOSIG Economy
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Reuters Business
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AME Business News
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