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Updated: Tuesday July 14, 2020 12:12 am
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DevX News
How to Call a Stored Procedure via the JdbcTemplate
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - See an example of how to call a stored procedure via the JdbcTemplate.

How to Increment Integers
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - See an example of how to increment integers from 1-1000000 via LongAdder.

Determine if String str2 is a Rotation of String str1
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn how to write a single line of code that will tell you whether or not str2 is a rotation of str1.

Convert a Given Code Point to a String
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - See an easy way to convert a code point to a string in Java.

Understanding java.net.PasswordAuthentication
Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn how to use PasswordAuthentication for better data security.

Converting TIME to SECONDS in MySQL
Language: SQL, Expertise: Intermediate: MySQL provides an inbuilt function named TIME_TO_SEC, that accepts time as a parameter. See an example of how to use it.

ComputerWorld News
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Freedom Ink News
CertCities IT News
News feed unavailable at this time.
Mac Rumors News
  • How to Use iOS 14's Picture in Picture Mode to Watch YouTube Videos

  • SoftBank Considering Possible Sale of Arm Holdings as Apple Gears Up for Arm-Based Macs

  • Magnifier in iOS 14 Gets Overhauled UI and New Features, Can Be Added to Home Screen

  • Apple Not Expecting U.S. Offices to Return to Normal in 2020, Encourages Retail Staff at Closed Stores to Work Remotely

  • How to Create a Widget Stack in iOS 14

  • Apple Pays Samsung an Estimated $950 Million for Missing OLED Panel Purchase Targets

  • CNET Security News
    O'Reilly Network News
    MSDN Security News
    News feed unavailable at this time.
    InfoWorld Security News
    News feed unavailable at this time.
    MSDN Development News
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    InfoWorld Application News
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    MajorGeeks News
    Emsisoft Decryptor for Jigsaw
    Emsisoft Decryptor for Jigsaw is a free tool that allows you to decrypt files targeted by the Jigsaw ransomware. The Jigsaw ransomware encrypts victim's files with AES and appends one of many extensions, including ".fun". An image is then displayed with a threat to delete files after a certain amount of time. [License: Freeware | Requires: 10|8|7|Vista|XP | Size: 1.86 MB ]

    Tron 11.1.2
    Tron is an Open Source script that includes a collection of Windows batch files specifically to run tools for scanning, disinfection, and cleanup of your machine. It works through multiple stages each containing some known tools to help repair your Windows system that may be running poorly from bloat, infections, etc. [License: Open Source | Requires: 10|8|7 | Size: 561 MB ]

    Auto Dark Mode 3.0
    Auto Dark Mode lets you schedule when dark mode takes place automatically changing from light to dark at user-defined times. With Auto Dark Mode, you can be more productive; for instance, when it is light outside, you can set this app to have a bright and readable OS. Then once the sun sets, your OS will switch to a darker theme. [License: Open Source | Requires: 10 | Size: 1.53 MB ]

    Intel Driver & Support Assistant
    Intel Driver & Support Assistant (formerly Driver Update Utility) quickly scans your machine for the latest up-to-date drivers that are currently available from Intel. [License: Freeware | Requires: 10|8|7 | Size: 2.36 MB ]

    Confide 1.9.0
    Confide is a secure messaging app featuring fully encrypted self-destructing messages and more. Used by some White House staff, Confide utilizes end-to-end military-grade encryption ensuring only intended recipients can read your messages. It also has a screenshot protector to halt attempts from someone taking a screenshot of your sent messages. [License: Freemium | Requires: 10|8|7 | Size: 75.0 MB ]


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