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Updated: Thursday June 13, 2024 8:01 am
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Welcome to einfodaily.com, an up-to-date collection of top news feeds from around the world.
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About Us:

Founded by DefendGate Inc., einfodaily.com is an up-to-date collection of top news feeds from around the world. We are dedicated to delivering all of the latest news you want in one spot, whether it is hard-hitting world-class top stories or light-hearted entertainment news about your favorite celebrities.

For inquiries regarding advertising on einfodaily.com, contract work, web services deployment, and multi-product licensing pricing plans, please contact us at: alexanderwong 'at' einfodaily.com or smartalec2000@hotmail.com

We also offer the following software to help make your computer experience as smooth and as enjoyable as possible:

SmartFix Security Center 2006

SmartFix Security Center 2006 is a cost-effective and all-in-one system security solution.

SmartFix Security Center was designed with the end-user in mind. Its easy to use interface and sleek design allow today’s PC user to easily navigate and use the powerful security functions that are contained within.

Whether you are on the Internet extensively or only rarely share files with others, feel safe that SmartFix Security Center tools are protecting your PC in real-time as well as any providing you with the ability to fix historical problems that your PC may have.

Protect your data today!

Features include:
  • Anti-Spyware: Protects your computer from harmful spyware and adware threats in real-time spyware protection and specially requested comprehensive spyware scans.
  • Firewall: monitors Internet and network traffic to provide application-level protection for your PC against possible security threats.
  • IntruShield: IntruShield protects against unknown security threats and hijacks by monitoring application behaviour and allows only trusted programs to run.
  • Anti-Spam: provides intelligent spam protection against that can customized to your personal preferences. Also protects against viral emails.
  • Anti-Phish: identifies and alerts you to fraudulent emails asking for bank or personal information.
  • File Shredder:erase files and documents from your hard drive, so they can never be retrieved again.
  • Anti-Virus:provides online scan to protect your PC from harmful viruses as well as the latest security alerts.
  • LiveUpdate: Fast and Easy to use, provides quick updates keeps your PC’s protection current.

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Awards and Reviews:

PC Review: The smart way to fix vulnerabilies!... I had no idea how vunerable my computer was until I installed this small program.

Sofotex: This is going to put us all out of business. Simple, easy to operate, intuitive and gregarious all at a price that's right. Seamless after installation, it not only fixes your problems, it also prevents further damage by preventing you from potentially dangerous input and actions. Finally, a product that is truely presentient.

Lockergnome: Put away the toolbox as it's not needed for this kind of repair. SmartFix is a security repair tool for fixing and eliminating pesky bugs and problems that slow down your computer. The system monitor is a small toolbar with information on how long the computer has been up along with its memory information. It cleans disk drives, it battles pop-ups, it saves laptop energy, it defrags, it protects against security attacks, and it monitors activity - repairing problems as they appear. Consider this your little Mr. PC fix-it feller.

WinXPCentral: A lot of people think once they have all the stuff above installed, they're all protected and set to cruise the Internet... well my friends I'm here to tell you -- you're not. The last tool I recommend you install is called SmartFix.

For even better security and overall system stability and performance, get SmartFix Pro! What you get is an improved system intrusion prevention engine to catch more of the bad software that intrude your computer, an intelligent memory defragmenter feature and system crash protection to keep your computer running smoothly, enhanced privacy protection, a security alert console to keep you up to date on all the latest worms, viruses, and other vulnerabilities, and a liveupdate feature that lets you get the latest updates instantly. Please support us by buying our software.

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einfodaily.com Navigator
To provide the best news and computer experience available, einfodaily.com Navigator is an all-in-one news navigation client that allows you to browse through all the news you need through easy one-click menu options as well as a easy-to-use news sidebar. To make your computer experience even smoother, an intelligent pop-up ad blocker is included to block those annoying spam pop-up and pop-under ads, as well as an intelligent memory defragmentator and compressor to free up memory for a faster computer experience.

  • Stylish navigation sidebar displaying the latest news feeds from around the world
  • Quick access to individual comprehensive news sections through the system tray icon
  • Integrated ICQ2Go! available in navigation sidebar so you can use ICQ without having ICQ client installed
  • Quick access to Internet Explorer favorites through sidebar to get to your favorite sites fast
  • Integrated search capabilities in sidebar to quickly find what you are looking for
  • Integrated pop-up blocking capabilities to get rid of those annoying pop-up ads
  • Integrated memory defragmentation capabilities to help keep your computer running smooth
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Smartalec Voyager 2004
Voyager is a web browser interface designed to provide the fastest and most enjoyable Internet navigation experience possible.
Built around human-to-computer interface behaviour, Voyager is a web browsing interface designed to provide the fastest and most enjoyable Internet navigation experience possible using both conventional and unconventional navigation techniques that are found to be effective.

Features include:
  • Streamlined yet comprehensive stylish navigation interface for maximum browsing screen area
  • Tabbed browsing interface that allows you to run multiple web browsing sessions within a single interface, easily navigating between multiple web sites
  • Unique "side-bumping" navigation feature that allows you to navigate back and forth through web pages as well as switch between multiple web sessions by simply bumping the corners of your web interface
  • Integrated ICQ2Go! available in navigation sidebar so you can use ICQ without having ICQ client installed
  • Built in Google powered multi-language translation feature so you can understand websites from around the world
  • Built in Google powered search feature so you can find the sites you want to see fast and accurately
  • dynamic navigation sidebar for going through your favorite links as well as common internet tasks such as ICQ and email with the click of a button. Can be shown and hidden with the click of a button or shortcut key
  • Special accessibility features such as highlighting tables and hyperlinks for better visibility
  • Special filters such as ad filtering, flash ad filtering, dialog filtering, content filtering, and popup filtering to rid your web browsing experiences from annoyances
  • Designed for maximum web surfing performance, including an optional web caching mechanism called CacheStream
  • Turbo mode for power users demanding the fastest interface response rate possible.
  • Bookmark management features allow you to add your own custom bookmarks as well as use your existing Internet Explorer favorites to get to your favorite websites fast
  • And much, much more!
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PC Accelerator 2004
PCXL helps you optimize your computer to increase system performance. Improve Internet performance, and web security. Provide convenient tools to tune up and ease your computer
use. PCXL also provides special security features to protect your system. Thousands of features and system tweaks for better system performance and stability.
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