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Updated: Monday July 16, 2018 1:18 pm
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BBC News
Trump-Putin summit: US seeks better ties with Russia
Mr Trump blames US critics of Russia for tensions as he holds his first summit with Vladimir Putin.

Iran nuclear deal: US rejects EU plea for sanctions exemption
Washington rejects a request to give European companies relief from its strict sanctions on Iran.

Indonesia mob slaughters nearly 300 crocodiles in revenge killing
Villagers slaughter the reptiles at a sanctuary in revenge for one of them killing a local.

Chicago shooting: Police release bodycam footage after protests
The footage shows Harith Augustus, 37, was armed when police fatally shot him on Saturday.

British caver 'could sue' Elon Musk over Twitter attack
The entrepreneur called the diver a "pedo" after he ridiculed his effort to help missing Thai boys.

Pakistan mourns 149 dead in country's second deadliest terror attack
The death toll from a suicide bombing on Friday has risen to 149 people, including nine children.

Airbnb told to be clearer on total cost of bookings
The online home-sharing giant needs to be more transparent about pricing, EU authorities say.

Italy allows migrants to land in Sicily
Permission was given after five other EU countries said they would accept some of those on the ship.

World Cup: Paris renames stations for France heroes' welcome
The metro celebrates France's World Cup victors, as the capital prepares to salute their return.

World Cup: Pussy Riot protesters charged over pitch demonstration
Four anti-Putin activists face fines for disrupting the World Cup final between France and Croatia.

Nicaragua security forces launch deadly raids
A human rights group says another 10 people have been killed as police move in to opposition strongholds.

Time News
A Diver Who Helped Rescue Thai Kids May Sue Elon Musk Over His ‘Pedo’ Tweet
Musk offered no justification for his attack, and has since deleted the message

The Supreme Court Doesn’t Need 9 Justices. It Needs 27
Such a proposal isn’t unconstitutional, nor even that radical

Trump Bashes U.S. ‘Foolishness and Stupidity’ As Summit With Putin Gets Underway
The leaders are expected to discuss trade, the military, and election meddling

‘We Agree.’ Russia Chimes In After Trump Blames the U.S. for the Countries’ Bad Relationship
Trump blamed U.S. “foolishness and stupidity" for the low point in relations

The Trump-Putin Summit Makes Finland Nervous About History Repeating Itself
The talks risk giving Finland a "bad name, a bad reputation," says defense minister Jussi Niinisto

China Has Filed a WTO Challenge to President Trump’s Tariff Proposal
A Commerce Ministry statement gave no legal grounds for the challenge

Hundreds of Crocodiles Slaughtered in Retaliation for Attack on a Villager in Indonesia
A villager was killed while collecting vegetables on a farm's breeding sanctuary

President Trump Blames ‘U.S. Foolishness’ for Poor Relations With Russia
Just hours before a sit-down with Vladimir Putin

E.U. Official Calls on President Trump, China and Russia to ‘Prevent Conflict and Chaos’
European Council President Donald Tusk implored global powers to avoid trade war and conflict

Defying Convention, President Trump Reveals Details of Private Conversation With Queen
Heads of state do not normally discuss private conversations with the Queen

Slashdot News
  • Judge Jails Defendent For Failing To Unlock Phones

  • Lockheed Martin Creates Its Largest 3D-Printed Space Part To Date

  • New Book Paints Different Picture of Workplace Behavior At Google and Facebook

  • Passwords For Tens of Thousands of Dahua Devices Cached In IoT Search Engine

  • Digital Ads Are Starting To Feel Psychic

  • Unlike Most Millennials, Norway's Are Rich

  • Facebook Makes Moves On Instagram's Users

  • CNET News
    Reuters News
  • Trump sits down with Putin after denouncing past U.S. policy on Russia

  • Israeli rockets strike military position near Aleppo: Syrian state media

  • BofA profit beats on consumer loan growth, lower expenses

  • BlackRock profit rises as ETF demand continues, iShares flows drop

  • BlackRock is evaluating cryptocurrencies, CEO says

  • Turkey says reports of Kurdish militia withdrawal from Manbij 'exaggerated'

  • Stocks struggle as earnings hopes compete with China growth fears

  • Putin to Trump: it's time to talk about our relations

  • Trump says getting along with Russia is a 'good thing not a bad thing'

  • FANG surge leads stock market recovery, putting Netflix in spotlight

  • UK parliament vote to reveal extent of anger over May's Brexit plan

  • There will be no second Brexit referendum, says PM May's spokesman

  • Putin lands in Helsinki later than expected for summit with Trump

  • Judge to hear how U.S. plans to reunite immigrant families

  • Comments by former clerks may backfire on Trump's high court pick

  • Factbox: Handful of U.S. senators hold keys to Kavanaugh Supreme Court bid

  • Republicans target elections with more deficit-boosting tax cuts

  • Chinese 'highway to nowhere' haunts Montenegro

  • Goldman to formally name David Solomon next CEO early this week - NYT

  • Hong Kong's bourse brushes off Chinese snub over dual-class shares

  • MSNBC News
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    CNN News
  • An official says one reason is Trump doesn't want his aides undercutting or interrupting him

  • Trump to Putin: In US we call it soccer

  • Here's what Putin said when he met Trump

  • Opinion: Putin wants to pull a fast one on Trump

  • Trump reportedly enraged by Putin video of missiles hitting Florida

  • Zakaria: Trump's political genius is this ...

  • Hillary Clinton trolls Trump with a World Cup tweet

  • Finnish paper targets Trump and Putin with 300 billboards on press freedom

  • In pictures: Trump meets with Putin

  • Republican Sen. Ben Sasse: Trump should declare Russia an 'enemy of America'

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