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Updated: Tuesday October 20, 2020 8:51 am
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BBC News
France teacher attack: Four pupils held over beheading
In all, 15 people are now in custody after the murder of teacher Samuel Paty near Paris.

Jeff Bridges: Oscar-winning US actor reveals he has lymphoma
The Big Lebowski actor acknowledges it "is a serious disease" but says his prognosis is good.

Coronavirus: Argentina's confirmed cases surpass one million
The South American nation becomes the fifth and smallest country in the world to reach this figure.

Colorado battles a record-breaking wildfire
The Cameron Peak wildfire has become the largest fire in state history, burning over 200,000 acres.

Trump set to remove Sudan from state sponsors of terrorism list
The US president says he will act once Sudan pays $335m to "US terror victims and families".

New name for a Canadian town called Asbestos
Town residents pick Val-des-Sources to replace the moniker that paid homage to its mining history.

Tokyo Olympics: Russian hackers targeted Games, UK says
UK officials say Russian intelligence took aim at the 2020 Olympics before they were delayed.

Coronavirus: Germany improves ventilation to chase away Covid
Public buildings receive €500m of German state cash to improve ventilation systems.

China-Taiwan tensions erupt over diplomats' fight in Fiji
Both sides say their officials were injured at an event organised to mark Taiwan's national day.

Wild boar family killed by police in Rome children's playground
The city's mayor orders an investigation amid outrage from residents and animal rights groups.

US 2020 election: Who does China really want to win?
With the US battered by the coronavirus and political polarisation, China thinks its time has come.

Time News
Slashdot News
  • Voyager Spacecraft Detect An Increase In the Density of Space Outside the Solar System

  • QAnon/8Chan Sites Back Online After Being Ousted By DDoS-Protection Vendor

  • A Group of Materials Called Perovskites Could Be a Game-Changer For Solar Power

  • IKEA To Buy Back Used Furniture In Recycling Push

  • Google Confirms the Nest Secure Has Been Discontinued

  • Chess's Cheating Crisis: 'Paranoia Has Become the Culture'

  • Instagram's Handling of Kids' Data Is Now Being Probed In the EU

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    CNN News
  • Trump's attack on Fauci comes despite the fact that Covid-19 is now rampaging across many of the swing states he must win in 14 days to secure a second term

  • Biden and Trump will have their microphones muted during portions of the second and final presidential debate

  • Tapper: This Fox News clip is so gross ... I'm not going to air it

  • Analysis: Why the last presidential debate (still) might not happen

  • There's no one left to rein in Trump's reckless rally strategy

  • Biden leads Electoral College projection poll. See why his campaign is still worried

  • This is Biden's most direct path to 270

  • A CNN reporter went to two different QAnon events. Here's what he found

  • Jeff Bridges announces he was diagnosed with lymphoma

  • Supreme Court rejects GOP attempt to require mail-in ballots be received by Election Day in Pennsylvania

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