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Updated: Monday January 23, 2017 6:37 am
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BBC News
The Gambia 'missing millions' after Jammeh flies into exile
State coffers are said to be empty as the capital prepares for the return of President Adama Barrow.

US storms: At least 18 dead in Georgia and Mississippi
Seven of those killed were in a Georgia trailer park apparently struck by a tornado.

China birth rate up after one-child rule change
Many of the 18.46 million babies born in China last year already had an older sibling, say officials.

Syria conflict: Peace talks begin in Astana, Kazakhstan
Rebels say there will be no direct negotiations with the Syrian government in Astana.

Madonna says White House comments 'taken out of context'
A row erupts over Madonna's comments about US President Donald Trump during a speech at the weekend.

Italy Rigopiano Hotel sent alert just before avalanche
Italian officials were warned that the mountain hotel was cut off before the avalanche struck.

Facebook Live 'broadcasts gang rape' of woman in Sweden
Three men have been arrested in Sweden after an alleged gang rape was live-streamed on Facebook.

South Korea ministry apologises over artists' blacklist
Culture ministry officials say there is "no excuse" for the blacklisting of thousands of artists.

Ethics lawyers to sue Trump over foreign payments
Washington group says payments by foreign governments to Trump businesses violate the constitution.

Jallikattu: Violence as India bullfight protest intensifies
Protesters want the government to permanently lift a ban on controversial jallikattu festival.

Donald Trump's team in fresh war of words with US media
Donald Trump's chief of staff joins the attack on reporting, vowing to fight "tooth and nail".

Time News
Quiz: See If You Remember How to Write in Cursive
Test your handwriting skills with our cursive challenge

Russia Is Moving Closer to Decriminalizing Domestic Violence
The Russian parliament is hearing the measure this week

Ethics Concerns Intensify After Trump Hotel’s Inaugural Celebration
Donald Trump has failed to divest himself from his company or the D.C. hotel that served as centre for inaugural festivities

Here’s What Donald Trump Plans to Do on His First Monday as President
Trump will face a packed day of meetings as he attempts to focus on policy after a turbulent inaugural weekend

Why We Shouldn’t Tell Workers When to Unplug
Every few years, there’s a hot new management strategy that promises to make employees happier, healthier and more productive. To that end, we’ve seen the rise of positions like “chief happiness officer” as well as workplace dogs and on-site meditation. But while employers may have improved the office itself, they have not solved the stress…

The National Book Foundation President Has Reading Recommendations for Donald Trump
Nearly a year into her tenure, the executive director of the National Book Foundation reflects on her first award season and the future of reading

The Silver Linings of the Short List
Death lurks around every corner in Irish novelist Sebastian Barry’s new book Days Without End. But narrator Thomas McNulty is a survivor: the potato famine in Ireland, the immigrant fever sheds and mass graves in Canada, the Indian Wars, the Civil War and the random violence of the postbellum South. He has witnessed enough tragedy…

M. Night Shyamalan Discusses the Untapped Potential of the Human Brain
The master of supernatural suspense returns with Split, a psychological thriller that explores mental illness. Shyamalan discusses the untapped potential of the human brain and the changing nature of diversity in Hollywood

Annette Bening Is Radiant In 20th Century Women
Stories about Women as told by Men get a bad rap these days–we hardly need our lives mansplained to us. But does that mean women shouldn’t be allowed to peer into the minds of men either? Maybe we need to regain trust in a mode of thinking that has served the world of art for…

The Founder Finds Drama Under the Golden Arches
The world was supposedly a very different place in 1954, when humble milk-shake-mixer salesman Ray Kroc–played by Michael Keaton in The Founder–first strode up to the window of a new kind of drive-in joint in San Bernardino, Calif. That restaurant, the first , had been founded by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald (Nick Offerman and…

Slashdot News
  • Western Union Pays $586M Fine Over Wire Fraud Charges

  • Slashdot's Interview With Swift Creator Chris Lattner

  • Three States Propose DMCA-Countering 'Right To Repair' Laws

  • 'IT Issue' Grounded All United Airlines Flights In The US

  • Ask Slashdot: Should Commercial Software Prices Be Pegged To a Country's GDP?

  • C++ Creator Wants To Solve 35-Year-Old Generic Programming Issues With Concepts

  • Do Android Users Still Use Custom Roms?

  • CNET News
    Reuters News
  • European stocks hit three-week low as Trump reality sets in

  • Ethics lawyers to sue Trump over foreign payments

  • Samsung says batteries caused Note 7 fires, may delay new phone launch

  • Senate Democrat says he will oppose Tillerson for State Department

  • SEC probing Yahoo over previously disclosed cyber breach: filing

  • Shootout at Texas mall leaves one dead, seven wounded

  • White House vows to fight media 'tooth and nail' over Trump coverage

  • China urges Trump administration to grasp importance of 'one China'

  • Storms continue slamming U.S. South after killing at least 18

  • Expectations low as Syria's warring sides meet

  • MSNBC News
    Ethics Lawyers to Sue Trump Over Continuing Business Interests
    The suit alleges that Trump violated the Constitution the moment he was sworn in as president because he had not divested his business interests.

    Conway: White House Spokesman Gave 'Alternative Facts' on Inauguration Crowd
    Sean Spicer had slammed the media for reporting attendance at Donald Trump's inauguration appeared significantly smaller than Barack Obama's in 2009.

    Florida Braces for Tornadoes After Storms Kill 18 in South
    As Florida prepared for tornadoes, neighborhoods in Georgia were left in ruins and seven counties remained under states of emergency.

  • Patriots Dismantle Steelers to Reach 7th Super Bowl Since 2001

  • Two Days in Washington: From Trump's Inauguration to Worldwide Rallies
    Political divisions in the United States were on full display over the weekend, beginning with Donald Trump's inauguration but countered by rallies across the country.

    Reversing Pledge, Trump Won't Release Tax Returns: Adviser
    The announcement came in response to a Whitehouse.gov petition, reversing Trump's promises to release his returns after an audit is completed.

    Samsung Finally Explains Exploding Note 7 Battery Mess
    Three months after Samsung killed production of the fire-starting Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, the company is now ready to explain what went wrong.

    This Country Jumped Straight Past the Email Era
    Only three years ago, accessing reliable internet in Myanmar's largest city involved trekking to a hotel that was rumored to be a hotbed of spies.

    United Airlines Ground Stop Lifted After Computer Outage
    International flights weren't affected by the ground stop, which the FAA said was issued at United Airlines' request.

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    CNN News
  • Trump goes to work

  • Trump and Obamacare: Where we go from here

  • Trump's first day: What's on the agenda?

  • Conway cites 'alternative facts' to defend crowd size

  • Schumer: Spicer's stalling claims 'ridiculous'

  • Cervical cancer death rate may be much higher than thought

  • Did Spicer really mean it when he said this?

  • Why the Trump team is 'planting a flag' in war on media

  • GOP senators to present Obamacare alternative

  • CIA officers: Trump speech was disrespectful

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