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Updated: Wednesday August 24, 2016 4:15 pm
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BBC News
Italy earthquake: Death toll rises to at least 120
At least 120 people have been killed and more than 360 injured in a 6.2-magnitude quake in central Italy, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi says.

Kabul raid: Security forces hunt university attackers
Security forces search the American University in Kabul for militants following an attack in the Afghan capital which killed one and saw students trapped inside.

France 'burkini ban': Images of police on beach fuel debate
Images of French police appearing to fine a woman on a beach in Nice fuel the debate over a controversial "burkini ban".

IS conflict: Turkey-backed Syrian rebels 'take Jarablus'
Syrian rebels, backed by Turkish forces and US air cover, say they have taken the Syrian town of Jarablus from jihadists of so-called Islamic State.

Colombia and Farc 'putting final touches' on peace accord
Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos is expected to announce later on Wednesday a final peace agreement with the country's largest rebel, the Farc.

Protests over huge N Dakota oil pipeline
Dozens of protesters gather in Washington DC to express their fears about a huge oil pipeline which will cross four states in the US Midwest.

Fish killer closes Yellowstone River
Montana officials indefinitely close the Yellowstone River over concerns of a deadly parasite that has killed off thousands of fish.

Airlander 10: Longest aircraft damaged during flight
The world's longest aircraft - the Airlander 10 - is damaged when it takes a nosedive on landing during its second test flight.

Syrian conjoined twins die awaiting transfer abroad
One-month-old conjoined twins who were evacuated from a besieged rebel-held suburb of Syria's capital Damascus die while awaiting transfer abroad.

Vietnam woman 'cuts off limbs for insurance payout'
A Vietnamese woman admits to paying for her left hand and foot to be severed to defraud her insurance firm with a rail accident claim, police say.

North Korea submarine fires ballistic missile
North Korea has fired a ballistic missile from a submarine, which flew for 500km (300 miles) before falling in the sea, say the US and South Korea.

Time News
Virginia School District Disproportionately Punishes Black Students, Complaint Says
The Department of Education complaint was filed on behalf of two black students

Hillary Clinton Calls on Mylan to ‘Immediately’ Lower EpiPen Prices
"It's wrong when drug companies put profits ahead of patients"

Mr. Robot’s Rami Malek Posts His First-Ever Instagram Thanks to Stephen Colbert
"Gotta get that good angle!"

How Frank Ocean Serenaded Chance the Rapper’s Date
Friendship goals

Donald Trump Asked Florida Governor to Appoint Attorney to Bench, Emails Show
The attorney's work is at odds with Trump's stance on immigration

Google’s New Android Brings a Much Needed Change
Real multitasking has finally come to stock Android — and it's about time

The Rock Celebrates His Dad’s Birthday By Sharing Some of His Tough-Love Advice
Like father, like son

Steve Wozniak Says Apple Should Not Eliminate Headphone Jack in iPhone 7
"That's going to tick off a lot of people"

Game of Thrones Fans Are Freaking Out Over Jason Momoa’s Khal Drogo Instagram

Ben Carson: What You Don’t Know About The Liberty Bell
And why it matters

Slashdot News
  • MIT Scientists Develop New Wi-Fi That's 330% Faster

  • Bill Nye Explains That the Flooding In Louisiana Is the Result of Climate Change

  • Apple Under Tim Cook: More Socially Responsible, Less Visionary

  • Earth-Like Planet, With Ambitious Life Possibility, Found Orbiting the Star Next Door

  • The US Army Has Too Many Video Games

  • Cloudflare Faces Lawsuit For Assisting Pirate Sites

  • Over 25 Million Accounts Stolen After Mail.ru Forums Hacked

  • CNET News
    News feed unavailable at this time.
    Reuters News
  • At least 120 killed as quake flattens towns in central Italy

  • Exclusive: Clinton leads Trump in key swing states, would likely win election - poll

  • Gunmen attack American university in Kabul, students flee

  • Turkish tanks roll into Syria, pushing Islamic State out of key border town

  • U.N./OPCW inquiry blames Syria government for gas attacks, likely sanctions fight looms

  • U.S. banking regulators focused on cybersecurity after SWIFT attack

  • Texas students use sex toys to protest new gun laws on campus

  • Chorus grows for Clintons to shutter charitable foundation

  • Iran vessels make 'high speed intercept' of U.S. ship: defense official

  • Ex-Comverse CEO pleads guilty to fraud, a decade after fleeing U.S.

  • MSNBC News
    'The Town Isn't Here Anymore': Scores Killed in Italy Quake
    The 6.2 magnitude quake struck about 100 miles northeast of Rome.

    Why Residents of the Marshall Islands Are Fleeing
    Two man-made catastrophes — a toxic nuclear legacy and rising sea levels — threaten to sink the Marshall Islands' country and culture.

    Why the Italy Earthquake Was Uniquely Devastating
    Italy has old, fragile buildings sitting along a fault line.

    Aleppo Boy Who Lost Dad, Siblings: 'The Whole World Is Broken'
    A 10-year-old whose father and siblings died in an Aleppo airstrike is now trying to support himself and his mother by selling candy in the street.

    This 14-Year-Old Has Seen the Horrors of War in Aleppo
    Mahmoud's father no longer wants him or his brother to go outside after the market his family works in was nearly destroyed in a bombing.

    New Planet is 'Right Next Door'
    One side's too hot and one side's too cold, but this new planet would have a glowy orange sky and it's right next door.

    Police Respond to Attack at American University in Kabul
    The Kabul-based university was where five gunmen wearing Afghan military uniforms abducted one American and one Australian professor last month.

    Veering Off-Script, Trump Steps on Minority Message
    Donald Trump continued his minority outreach efforts Wednesday with a speech that tailored his populist, anti-immigration message for an African-American and Latino audience.

    'Spider-Man' Casting Revives Racial Tensions
    In the iconic words of the "Dark Knight" Joker: Why so serious?

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    CNN News
  • Villagers dig by hand after Italy quake kills 120

  • Blasts, gunfire at American University in Kabul

  • 5 taken to hospital after university attack

  • Polls: Tight in NC while Trump tops in Arizona

  • Earth-like planet discovered orbiting Sun's neighbor

  • Opinion: New planet -- how likely is life?

  • Witnesses recount horrors of Italy's deadly quake

  • Photos: Quake aftermath

  • Building collapses during Facebook Live

  • Ukrainian President: Putin wants all of my country

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