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Updated: Thursday December 9, 2021 10:08 am
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BBC News
Ethiopia war: UN halts food aid in two towns after warehouses looted
Aid workers faced extreme intimidation and were held at gunpoint by looters, the UN says.

Epstein and Maxwell pictured at Queen's residence at Balmoral
The image of the couple at Balmoral was shown to a US court on Wednesday.

Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai convicted for taking part in Tiananmen vigil
Jimmy Lai and other prominent activists were convicted for taking part in the unauthorised event.

Africa needs China and the US to work together
The US promotes democracy and China builds infrastructure but people in Africa want both.

British waste dumped in Romania
A BBC investigation has uncovered British waste being illegally shipped to Romania and dumped.

New Zealand to ban cigarettes for future generations
No New Zealander born after 2008 will be able to buy tobacco under proposed new health laws.

Capitol riot: Lawmakers to hold ex-Trump chief of staff in contempt
Former chief of staff Mark Meadows has also sued the 6 January committee members.

Delhi pollution: Indoor air worse than outside, says study
India's capital routinely tops the list of the world's most polluted cities.

Robbie Shakespeare, influential Sly and Robbie bassist, dies aged 68
The acclaimed Sly and Robbie bassist is credited with revolutionising the sound of reggae and dancehall.

Barnaby Joyce: Australia deputy PM tests positive for Covid after UK visit
Barnaby Joyce is now isolating in the US while two UK ministers are also isolating in London.

Global supply chain: Lego to build $1bn factory in Vietnam
It will be the toymaker's second manufacturing plant in Asia after it opened one in China in 2016.

Time News
Slashdot News
  • Over 40 Million People Had Health Information Leaked This Year

  • This Massive Planet Shouldn't Exist

  • Boss Says Sorry For 'Blundered' Zoom Firing of 900 Staff

  • Can an Athlete's Blood Enhance Brainpower?

  • Suicide Pods Now Legal In Switzerland, Providing Users With a Painless Death

  • SF Millennium Tower Tilts Quarter Inch In Four Days

  • DeepMind Tests the Limits of Large AI Language Systems With 280-Billion-Parameter Model

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    Reuters News
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    CNN News
  • State media outlets in the two nations are working to denigrate the Biden administration's summit and calling the project hypocritical

  • Biden confronts Putin as tensions escalate over Ukraine

  • Biden seizes chance to confront tensions with China and Russia

  • Analysis: China claims its authoritarian system is a democracy -- and one that works better than the US

  • Analysis: Biden faces 2 rivals in 24 hours

  • Opinion: The ominous signals Putin is sending

  • Three states deploy National Guard amid medical capacity crisis

  • Trump freezes 2024 GOP primary before it even begins

  • Scott Peterson re-sentenced to life in prison without parole

  • California police department under state investigation for alleged racist texts and excessive force

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