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Updated: Monday May 16, 2022 3:24 pm
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BBC News
Buffalo shooting: Gunman deliberately sought black victims - mayor
Questions are being asked about how the suspect carried out the attack when he was known to authorities.

Buffalo shooting: Joe Biden says US must address hate
The US president says he and his wife are praying for the victims of a racially motivated shooting.

Ukraine: The children's camp that became an execution ground
The BBC's Sarah Rainsford investigates the killing of civilians in a summer camp in Bucha, Ukraine.

Full lunar eclipse creates rare super blood Moon
Its hue was created by sunlight being projected through the Earth's atmosphere onto the Moon.

North Korea: More than a million Covid cases feared
The military has been ordered to intervene as a wave of Covid cases sweeps the unvaccinated country.

Matriarch accused of leading drug clan captured
US prosecutors accuse Herlinda Bobadilla, 61, of smuggling tonnes of cocaine from Honduras to the US.

McDonald's to leave Russia for good after 30 years
The chain opened in Moscow in 1990 as the Soviet Union was opening its economy to Western brands.

Kenya elections 2022: Raila Odinga picks Martha Karua as running mate
Martha Karua, a former rival who once served as justice minister, joins the ticket of ex-PM Raila Odinga.

Eurovision 2022: Russian vote hacking attempt foiled, police say
Italian police say pro-Russian hackers targeted the contest, which was won by Ukraine.

Afghan resistance attack Taliban, sparking reprisals in Panjshir
The attack reportedly killed a number of Taliban fighters in a resistance stronghold in the north.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud: Who is Somalia's new leader?
He has made history, becoming the country's president for the second time in a competitive vote.

Time News
Slashdot News
  • Binance's LUNA Investment, Which Peaked at $1.6 Billion, Now Worth Just $3,000

  • Not a Single Car Was Sold in Shanghai Last Month

  • Bitcoin Has No Future as a Payments Network, Says FTX Chief

  • The US Army's Unsettling New Recruitment Video for Psychological Warfare

  • Is Python About to Get Faster?

  • EA Plans Free Mobile 'Lord of the Rings' Game

  • 'Lord of the Rings' Prequel Series Will Explore 'Unseen History' of Middle-Earth

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    CNN News
  • The man accused of killing 10 people in a racially motivated mass shooting at a supermarket had plans to continue his shooting rampage, authorities say

  • Police: Suspect had plans to continue attack

  • Analysis: Critics say 'replacement' conspiracies driving gunmen are pushed on Fox and by some GOP politicians

  • 'It's basically everywhere': CNN anchors list 2022's mass shootings. All 201 of them

  • Victims: 'Hero' guard among 10 killed

  • Opinion: Shootings like the one in Buffalo could be prevented

  • The Fed has a new plan to avoid recession: Party like it's 1994

  • Sweden says it will seek to join NATO as 'best way to protect' its security after Russia's invasion of Ukraine

  • Supreme Court sides with Ted Cruz, striking down cap on use of campaign funds to repay personal campaign loans

  • Analysis: China's harsh lockdowns could exacerbate population crisis

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