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Updated: Friday December 9, 2016 7:13 am
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BBC News
Aleppo battle: UN says hundreds of men missing
Hundreds of Aleppo men are reported missing after leaving rebel areas, the UN says.

Park Geun-hye: South Korea lawmakers vote to impeach leader
South Korea's parliament impeaches President Park Geun-hye who steps down amid a corruption scandal.

McLaren report: More than 1,000 Russian athletes implicated in state-sponsored doping
More than 1,000 Russian athletes were involved in a state-sponsored doping programme for four years from 2011, a new report claims.

Netherlands trial: Geert Wilders guilty of incitement
Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is convicted in hate speech trial but no penalty is imposed.

Chapecoense crash: Bolivia official accuses bosses of cover-up
Bolivian officials are accused of a cover-up over the plane crash involving Brazilian team Chapoconense.

'Godspeed, John Glenn': Obama leads tributes to US astronaut
Tributes pour in for John Glenn, the first American to orbit Earth, who died on Thursday aged 95.

History of smallpox called into question
A sample of the smallpox virus from a 17th Century victim challenges current thinking.

Calgary zoo investigating penguin drowning deaths
The Calgary zoo is investigating how seven penguins died from drowning this week.

Islamic State 'has lost 50,000 fighters' over two years
At least 50,000 IS militants have been killed over the past two years, a top US military official says.

Paris attacks: Two jailed in Grasse for fake claim
France jails a couple who defrauded a fund for survivors of the 2015 Paris attacks.

Boris Johnson tours Middle East amid Saudi row
Boris Johnson begins a tour of the Middle East amid a row over comments he made about Saudi Arabia.

Time News
3 Things to Know About Kirk Douglas on His 100th Birthday
Including his second Bar Mitzvah at age 83

A British Fan Flew All the Way to New York to Propose at the Ghostbusters Firehouse
She said yes

How to Find All of the Selfies on Your iPhone
Check the Selfies folder on your iPhone

Russia’s Doping Scandal Involves at Least 1,000 Athletes, Report Finds
Author describes the cover-up as an "institutional conspiracy"

Dutch Anti-Islam Lawmaker Geert Wilders Guilty of Hate Speech
Wilders called the verdicts 'madness'

A New Exhibition Turns the Lens on Mainstream Media
And its impact on society

39% of Prisoners Should Not Be in Prison
According to a new study by the Brennan Center for Justice

Alabama Death Row Inmate Coughed And Heaved 13 Minutes Into His Execution
Ronald Bert Smith Jr. was pronounced dead about 30 minutes after the procedure began

Donald Trump Meets With Ohio State Victims
"These are great people, amazing people"

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter Makes a Surprise Visit to Afghanistan
His visit comes amid concerns that despite improvements in Afghan government defenses, Taliban forces are gaining leverage

Slashdot News
  • Samsung May Permanently Disable Galaxy Note 7 Phones In The US As Soon As Next Week

  • Zeus Variant 'Floki Bot' Targets PoS Data

  • Google Now Lets Developers Write Apps For the Assistant On Google Home

  • US Life Expectancy Declines For the First Time Since 1993

  • US Presidential Election Was Most 'Talked About' Topic In 2016, Says Facebook

  • Transportation Department Proposes Allowing In-Flight Phone Calls

  • Yik Yak Lays Off 60 Percent of Employees As Growth Collapses

  • CNET News
    Reuters News
  • In Trump stronghold, factories are humming but paychecks are thin

  • South Korea parliament votes by wide margin to impeach president

  • U.S. defense chief reassures Afghans amid questions over Trump's policies

  • Democrats plot uphill fight against some Trump nominations

  • Trump's EPA pick may struggle to dismantle Obama's environmental legacy

  • Trump may signal support for Michigan Republican as next party chair

  • Over 1,000 Russian athletes benefited from doping conspiracy

  • Syrian government forces press attack in east Aleppo

  • Aixtron considers partial sell-off after Chinese deal blocked

  • Polar vortex redux? U.S. forecasters say it could hit next week

  • MSNBC News
    Parties and Lies: Teens Behind Macedonia's Fake News Boom
    Fake news ran wild during the presidential election — and even though the contest is over, the gold rush continues for dozens of enterprising teens in a remote Macedonian town. Their main cash cow: president-elect Donald Trump. "Nothing can beat Trump's supporters when it comes to social media engagement," says 18-year-old Dimitri, who claims to have made $60,000 in the past six months from the fake news phenomenon. NBC News takes you inside the small town of Veles, where the teens spend big on cars, clubbing and real estate as they cash in on an empire of lies that shook a presidential election.

    Trump Spent $3M on Own Businesses in Campaign's Final Weeks
    Hillary Clinton outspent Trump by nearly $40 million in the final weeks of the 2016 presidential campaign.

    Inmate Coughed and Heaved 13 Minutes Into Execution
    Ronald Bert Smith Jr. clenched his fists and raised his head at the beginning of the execution. The state's correction's chief said protocol was followed.

    Savannah Guthrie Welcomes Charles Max Feldman!
    The TODAY anchor and her husband, Mike Feldman, welcomed a son, Charles Max Feldman on Thursday evening.

    John Glenn: His Life in Pictures
    John Herschel Glenn Jr. flew into the history books on Feb. 20, 1962, when he became the first American to go into orbit.

    5 Things We've Learned From Trump's Cabinet Picks
    First Read is a morning briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter.

    South Korea's Lawmakers Vote to Impeach Scandal-Hit President
    Prosecutors say Park colluded in the criminal activities of a longtime friend and confidant to manipulate government affairs and extort businesses.

    Winter Wallops Northwest as Icy Blast Hits Plains, Midwest
    Snowpiles are growing across the U.S. as an Arctic chill and winter storm bring plunging temperatures and dangerous winter conditions.

    War Hero and Astronaut John Glenn Dies at 95
    Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth and later served four terms in the U.S. Senate. As a Marine fighter pilot, while flying 149 combat missions during World War II and the Korean War, he received praise for his ability to draw enemy fire and keep the plane flying with huge holes blown into its exterior. Most Americans remember Glenn for taking to space in 1962. Dubbed Friendship 7, Glenn's space capsule circled the Earth and put the United States on equal footing with the Soviet Union in the space race.

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    CNN News
  • Which foreign policy sacred cows will Trump slaughter next?

  • How Trump ended Democrats' 144-year winning streak here

  • Knife-wielding teen shot at school

  • Below-freezing temperatures set to sweep the country

  • Father of Sandy Hook victim speaks out against 'hoaxers'

  • Trump's SBA choice gave him $7M

  • Spy chief opens up about MI6, James Bond

  • Man coughed and heaved for 13 minutes during execution

  • 1,000+ athletes benefited from 'state-sponsored doping'

  • Trump will remain EP on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

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