General Information

Instructor: Alexander Wong E2-1303D (a28wong 'at'
TA: Robert Amelard (ramelard 'at'
Eric Hunsberger (ehunsberger 'at'
Tameem Hesham (thesham 'at'
Abhishek Kumar (a42kumar 'at'
Text: Wong et al., ``Data Structures and Algorithms in a Nutshell''. 2012.
Class Times: M Tu Fri 9:30AM-10:20AM EIT 1015
Labs: Th 2:30PM-4:20PM CPH 1346
Midterm exam: TBA
Final exam: TBA

Lecture Slides

No lecture slides will be used this term.

Homework Assignments

Homework assignments are optional and are useful for helping you understand the concepts of the course. Homework assignments are available in the back of the textbook.


Lab instructions will be made available before each lab. The project descriptions are in the textbook at the end of each chapter.