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Top Health Stories:
BBC Health News
Multi-cancer blood test shows real promise in NHS study
The Galleri test revealed the correct site of a tumour 85% of the time in a study with 5,000 patients.

Argentina allows morning-after pill to be bought over counter
The health ministry says making the pill more easily available "removes an important barrier".

Eating disorder group pulls chatbot sharing diet advice
The US National Eating Disorder Association is investigating reports the chatbot shared harmful advice.

Every Canadian cigarette will soon carry a health warning
Canada will be the first country to have warning labels on the tipping paper of individual cigarettes.

Covid: Top Chinese scientist says don’t rule out lab leak
The man who led China's pandemic response says inquiries into its origins should consider everything.

US and Mexico sound alarm over cosmetic surgery-linked fungal outbreak
The US and Mexico are urging the WHO to declare a public health emergency over the outbreak.

Neuralink: Elon Musk's brain chip firm wins US approval for human study
The billionaire's Neuralink implant company wants to help restore people's vision and mobility.

Indiana abortion doctor: Caitlin Bernard fined for speaking about 10-year-old
When Caitlin Bernard went public about treating a 10-year-old rape victim it became a huge story.

New superbug-killing antibiotic discovered using AI
The drug can target one of the three most dangerous bacterial superbugs, say researchers.

The woman who travelled seven hours by camel to give birth
Mona survived the agonising journey, but others facing the same stark choice in Yemen have not.

Abortion: Pressure grows on Virginia as new bans arise in the south
Virginia could become the only southern state to allow abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Population: When saying condom aloud became birth control ad in India
For years, India has been teaching its people family planning in a unique way - through slogans.

What the NHS is learning from Brazil
Will a healthcare approach that has been successful in poorer parts of Brazil work in the UK?

Asia is spending big to battle low birth rates - will it work?
Governments in the region are spending hundreds of billions of dollars trying to reverse the trend.

Lip fillers: Call for tighter regulation after botched treatments
Experts warn the lip filler industry is 'like the wild west', with procedures having to be corrected.

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